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Employee Promise

Behavior Technician (BT)

Are you new to this kind of work? Hey, we’ve all been there! As a BT here at DASH, you would be the one providing 1:1 services to our clients under the supervision of a BCBA. While working with a client, you will be teaching them systematically while playing, interacting and having a whole lot of fun!

Immediately upon hire we will provide you with ongoing training and guidance to prepare you to become an RBT. We are interested in talking with you about why we have such a passion for this work. We’d like to have a thorough conversation about what this job looks like from day to day (minute by minute!), including an observation of a live therapy session!

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Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)

As an RBT, you might have just finished your 40-hour training, or you might have years of experience working in the field of ABA. Like a BT, you will continue to provide 1:1 support to clients by implementing their programs and collecting data. However, here at DASH, we will help you expand on the knowledge and skills you already have to help you grow in the field.

We know that each ABA provider has its procedures to support their RBTs, so we want to talk with you about what we expect from our RBTs and what they can expect from us in return. The bottom line is… we are invested in making DASH the absolute best place to work for you. In our interview, we will want to hear what that means to you specifically!

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Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Have you passed or are about to pass the “big exam?” Either way, congratulations on all the hard work you have done! As a BCBA, you will conduct ABA assessments and develop individualized programs for clients on your caseload. You will also train BTs and RBTs on client programming and conduct integrity checks to ensure accurate implementation.

Training does not stop with our therapists though. At DASH, we believe our client’s therapy does not end when they leave our centers, so conducting family guidance is essential for every family. We want to meet with you to talk about all the ways we can support you so you can support our team members, clients, and families.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion are issues we take very seriously at DASH. We understand the importance of being intentional in this effort and value what different people with different lived experiences, backgrounds and abilities bring to our team. We strive to serve every family, no matter their race, sexual orientation, ability, religion or situation, with quality and equity in our services. Our staff are provided with DEI trainings, and we encourage feedback as we always aim to improve.